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Community Voted Top 3
D-sciple & Portal
Total votes: 136
A collaboration between Daniel Portal and Dane Stirrat (D-Sciple). As Dan is in Israel, we worked on the tune individually and sent it to each other through cyber space, adding elements we both felt were fitting. Layer after layer and many wetransfer links later the track came together nicely. This track has a somewhat happy and smooth feeling to it, yet keeping the psychedelic roots throughout. As you can hear ...
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Hippie Mafia
Total votes: 103
A daytime tune consisting of a combination of melodic leads, grindy bouncy basslines and of course, the classic Hippie Mafia funk :)
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Total votes: 59
Stibblett, a 23 year old producer from Perth, W.A, with a driving passion for all things trance & beyond!
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Total votes: 51
The Duo Act Of Rory Budd And Alexander Pedersen from Cape Town, South Africa. With a mixed style of progressive psytrance and fullon. Flowing beats and rolling basslines.
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Sero & Audiodact
Total votes: 29
We wanted to create a track, that didn't follow our normal production methods and challenged us in a lot of ways to be creative with the sounds, making it move in a lot of different ways and to create something entirely new from our perspective. We wanted people to feel the fear and move to the gutting sounds of blood and bass. Hope you'll all enjoy this track. We had ...
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Total votes: 18
Kreis is a project from Austria, the center of the Alps. The inspiration for my track originated in the Alps. I hope you can feel the energy of the mountains...
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Loop Skywalker VS Frozen Ghost
Total votes: 12
Collaboration between Loop Skywalker and Frozen Ghost Frozen Ghost has been teaching Loop Skywalker the craft during the course of 2015 and together their skill set will hopefully lead the pack!
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Total votes: 10
ELEK3CTII is Kenneth Lindahl from just outside Copenhagen, Denmark. Kenneth had his first introduction to psytrance at a psy trance party he went to which he describes as one of the most important days of his life as after that day he decided to produce psy trance music. He is self-taught and this day finally came in 2008 when he started his productions in full swing.
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Total votes: 6
I am a progressive trance Dj/Producer. I stay in Cape Town :). I produce and dj normally at bpms of 138-142 :). I love all genres of music from classical to blues etc :). When I produce or dj I make sure that the listener on the dance floor or at Home feels my love for trance through my music :)
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Total votes: 6
Taking a bit of a chance with something different here :) A fun little track with some guitar in it I recorded myself. I hope you enjoy it.
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Total votes: 2
Fell in love with pretty much every genre of electronic music since i first heard drum and bass at a very early age. Moved through trance to techno and breaks. Started producing at the age of 16. been taking my production a little more seriously the last 2 years ;) This track is one of 2 versions. I decided to share the more uplifting composition. Feeling the light instead of ...
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